Health care advice and cures
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Your companion suddenly becomes rigid and then begins jerking violently he is having a convulsion. What can you do to help?

Assist him to the floor or the ground, away from potentially dangerous objects.• Loosen restrictive clothing.

Stand by to protect him from injury. Don't try to hold him down or place any-thing in his mouth. Most people neither bite nor swallow their tongues during a seizure, but they may break or choke on anything that's in their mouth (even objects as large as a small wallet).

A convulsion, whether epileptic or from some other cause, may last from one to several minutes. The victim may dribble or foam at the mouth; his lips and face may turn bluish. He may be rigid for a few seconds.

After the convulsion is over, remove anything from his mouth. Then keep him resting comfortably on his side, in the recovery position, with his head down. This will allow him to breathe easier and to prevent choking.

A person with epilepsy will usually be able to continue normal activities after a short rest.