Health care advice and cures
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Pain in the teeth and gums is usually caused by decay, infection or inflammation and should be treated by a dentist as quickly as possible. For temporary pain relief, or for soreness after you have received dental treatment, acupressure, herbalism or homeopathy may help.

Apply tincture of myrrh or oil of cloves to the gum around the aching tooth. For a cavity, a small plug of cotton wool soaked in oil of cloves can bring relief. Other remedies include chewing plantain leaves, or drinking a strong infusion of the leaves and flowers of common mallow.

Mercurius solubilis For pain that abates at night, returns in the morning and is made worse by hot or cold drinks.

Arnica For bleeding and discomfort after dental treatment and for pain in the right upper jaw, extending to the ear.

Aconite For pain on the left side of the jaw, made worse by cold and accompanied by red cheeks, and the shock of dental surgery.