Health care advice and cures
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If you cannot sleep, try elevating the feet by raising the lower part of the mattress. This allows the blood to flow back up towards the heart.

Relieve insomnia by eating a boiled onion at bedtime.

Cut back on smoking, chocolate, caffeine and alcohol, especially in the late afternoon and evening.

Avoid heavy meals close to bedtime and all meals in the middle of the night, a snack of hot milk and biscuits may be helpful.

Do not exercise strenuously just before going to bed.

Spend less time in bed. Get up at the same time every morning, but go to bed half an hour later; if necessary, keep pushing back your bedtime until you can doze off readily.

Don't sleep late in the morning or take naps during the day.

Turn your alarm clock towards the wall so that you don't keep checking the time on its dial; if it is a radio alarm, leave the music on playing very low.