Health care advice and cures
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Make lists - but don't set yourself unrealistic aims.

Work in short bursts - you'll be more efficient and lessĀ flustered.

Find some satisfaction in your work at home or job - it lifts emotions and avoids fits of depression.

Have regular breaks, and don't turn that self-catering holiday into hard work.

If you start to 'panic', breathe as slowly and as deeply as you possibly can. It will slow down your body and get those panic symptoms under control.

Find some time for yourself every day, even if it means leaving a chore undone.

Feeling tensed up - concentrate hard on a happy scene perhaps on the beach.

Stop work an hour before going to bed, preferably with a milky drink. Have a good night's sleep.

Don't bottle up your stress - show your symptoms. Tears actually rid our bodies of impurities.

Don't leave things to the last minute.

Learn to relax. Take a bath, enjoy the silence and lack of pressure.

Take regular exercise - go for a walk.

If you do smoke - try to cut down or, preferably, out.

Eat a healthy diet eat slowly, relax and enjoy your meal.